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Summer Wellness Guide: Prioritising your Health & Wellbeing

Avatar By: November 14, 2023
New Zealand Summer

As we approach the summer break, the team at Highbrook Medical encourage you to prioritise your health and safety amidst the holiday preparations. Keep reading as we share our top tips for ensuring you stay happy and healthy this summer.

Prioritising your Health this New Zealand Summer

As the countdown to the summer holidays begins, the weeks leading up to the much-anticipated break are often filled with excitement, stress, and preparation. Amidst the planning of activities and destinations, it’s important to prioritise health considerations. The period leading up to the summer holidays can be such a frantic and busy time. This means that it can be hard to get a timely appointment with your GP clinic due to the increased demand for appointments. Schedule a visit to your GP well in advance to discuss any necessary travel vaccines. Furthermore, it is good practice to ensure you have enough supply of your repeat prescriptions to last the duration of your trip. The last thing we want to do is go away on holiday without enough medication or a health concern that is left untreated. Let yourself enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind that you’re healthy and well prepared.

Allergy Testing

Unwinding & Relaxing in the Summer Holidays

On the back of an often chaotic end to the year, unwinding during the summer holidays becomes the next priority. For some, this is a welcomed opportunity. However, with thoughts of work deadlines still fresh in our minds, the challenge of switching off looms large. That’s why it’s crucial for our well-being to carve out moments for self-care and well-being. Engage in your favourite hobbies, whether it’s finding a quiet moment to immerse yourself in a good book, try a new recipe, listen to your favourite songs, or go for a walk with a pet. These intentional breaks, filled with activities that bring you joy, are key to unwinding throughout the summer break. 

Sun Protection & Water Safety Tips

A day at the beach always proves to be filled with joy and laughter. However, things can turn sour quickly if you don’t take the appropriate sun and water-related precautions. Throughout the New Zealand summer, the sun is particularly strong. This means we need to take the appropriate steps to avoid sunburn. This includes;

  • Slip into a long-sleeved shirt
  • Slop on some sunscreen
  • Slap on a hat
  • Wrap on a pair of sunglasses

These steps are an effective way of limiting the risk of sunburn. Therefore ensuring the long-term health of your skin and minimising your chances of skin cancer. 

When jumping into the ocean to cool off, it’s essential to swim between the designated flags on the beach. These flags indicate safer areas to swim in that are monitored by lifeguards who provide an added layer of security. It also helps to swim in a group or with a friend so you can look out for one another while you’re in the ocean. Finally, if you decide to head out on a boat, ensure everyone wears a well-fitted life jacket, just in case someone goes overboard.

Water Safety NZ

Essential Safety Measures for Healthy Gardening

When delving into the world of gardening, refining your green space is not only about nurturing your plants but also your well-being. Start by wearing the appropriate protective gear, including gloves, long sleeves, and closed-toe shoes. This shields your skin from potentially harmful allergens, as well as bacteria that can cause tetanus. If you do cut yourself on a thorn or another sharp object, ensure that you clean the affected area thoroughly. Furthermore, it pays to check that you are up to date with your tetanus vaccine.

Individuals who suffer from allergies will benefit from wearing a mask to minimise exposure to pollen and other irritants. Masks are equally crucial for protection against infections, including bacteria such as Legionella, that can cause a type of pneumonia.

Beyond this, prioritise self-care, especially if it’s hot. Take regular breaks, stay hydrated and be mindful of your posture to prevent strains and injuries. Let’s make the garden a safe space your both you and your plants.

In closing, let this summer be a time of well-being and relaxation. Whether it’s prioritising your health through proactive measures and mindful practices or unwinding with your favourite activities, these small steps contribute to a happier and healthier summer holiday. 

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