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Understanding Lab Test Results and how to Interpret them

Daniel Calder By: March 19, 2023
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Are you wondering, “Are my lab test results normal?” If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle to understand their lab test results and what they mean for their health. At Highbrook Medical Centre, we want to help you understand your lab test results and what they mean. Here’s a breakdown of the different categories of lab results to help you interpret them:

Normal Lab Test Results (and where to find them)

If your lab test results fall within the expected range for normal, healthy people, they are considered normal, and no further action is required. Quite simply, log in to your Patient Portal to see them.

Satisfactory Lab Test Results

Satisfactory results may be slightly above or below the normal range for blood tests, or may have slight variations in scans or x-rays. However, in the context of the overall clinical picture, these results are still considered to be normal. As such, no further tests or discussions are necessary.

What about when a Repeat Test is Required? 

In some cases, it may be necessary to repeat a lab test. This could be due to equipment failure at the laboratory. Similarly, you may have provided an unsuitable sample, or we have a suspicion that the test result is incorrect. In other instances, a repeat sample may be required to determine whether an abnormal result is just a one-time occurrence or an ongoing trend.

Lab tests that need to be discussed with a GP

Sometimes, one of our healthcare professionals will recommend that you discuss your lab test results with them. However, this does not necessarily mean that there is something to worry about. It may be that the clinician who ordered your tests simply wants to see you, or there may be further tests that could be useful. Alternatively, the lab test results may have uncovered the cause of your problem. We will typically send you a text message asking you to book a non-urgent GP for results that should be discussed. For more time critical results, the team will usually call you to arrange the next steps.

Tests requested by an External Specialist, Provider or Clinic

Commonly, we receive copies of lab test results arranged by external specialists or clinicians or clinics, such as those from hospitals, Online After Hours Doctors or Urgent Care clinics. It’s important to note that we generally do not interpret results arranged by external clinicians. So, if you have questions regarding these laboratory test results, please follow up with the clinician who requested them.

More information

You can visit the Labtests website for more information on laboratory test results and what they mean. Or for more information, read our Lab Tests page or give us a call.

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