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Dr Richard Chong starts the Acute Clinic at Highbrook Medical

Lucy Hall By: March 9, 2023
Dr Richard Chong Acute clinic doctor Auckland

When Dr Richard Chong agreed to spearhead our new Acute Clinic, we couldn’t have been more delighted. Group GM Lucy Hall explains how our new doctor’s blend of orthopaedic, paediatric and urgent care GP experience is a recipe for success.

Meeting daily medical needs with a new Acute care clinic and doctor in Highbrook Business Park

With purpose-built Acute clinic rooms and treatment bays all setup, undoubtedly, our most important decision was selecting the right doctor. In the hustle and bustle of a walk-in clinic, finding urgent care GPs who thrive on thinking swiftly on their feet is key. Enter Dr Richard Chong. A well-known East Auckland GP with a wealth of urgent care experience.  Known for his friendly, approachable style, a stand-out reason for bringing Dr Chong on board was his characteristic calm and rational way in which he deals with Acute presentations. 

“To be honest, Acute medical care suits my personality. I’ve had a lot of exposure to urgent care in my life and I enjoy the buzz of that environment. As a general practitioner, it’s gratifying to make an on-the-spot difference in easing people’s pain and suffering,” says Dr Richard Chong. 

Needless to say, Dr Chong is a dab hand dealing with minor surgery and injury management, but he’s also an expert with acute illnesses like tummy bugs or infections.

“Joining the Highbrook Team is a privilege as they’ve built a progressive ideology. They have an agile approach to improvement, service delivery, and care. It’s an environment where you can say, ‘What’s next? Let’s go!’ Also, being close to the workplace means we can effectively treat employees who have minor accidents nearby.”

Our Malaysian-born doctor welcomes a walk-in clinic approach for Acute conditions.

Growing up in Kuching, Dr Chong remembers his formative days in Malaysia’s ‘jungle side’. He spent school holidays visiting his father’s General Practice clinic, where occupational medicine was also a focus.

 “Healthcare had a fluid feel there, where patients would pop in daily to see my dad for their long-term care. He’d be treating their long-term conditions alongside any urgent illness or injury that occurred on a given day. Luckily, I was always welcome in the clinic and developed a close familiarity with many of his patients. We’d chat until some of them felt like my extended family, and it rather emulated the whānau feel Highbrook is embracing.” says Dr Chong.

Above all, he noticed how this open-door approach built a foundation of real respect for his dad through the wider community. “People were so appreciative and grateful for help and support, and my dad was known as a teacher in the community who empowered patients to manage their wellbeing. He was an influential force in my decision to pursue medicine as a career. “

In our opinion, the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. After emigrating to NZ at age 12, Dr Richard Chong now brings the approach of “Engagement, Education and Empowerment”  to his GP work in the Acute clinic in a way that honours his upbringing.

Dr Richard Chong Highbrook paediatric GP

From Paediatrics to Orthopaedics, Dr Richard Chong is a highly experienced GP.

Local to the area, Dr Richard Chong enjoyed his teenage years at Farm Cove Intermediate and Macleans College in East Auckland. From there, it was off to Med School at the University of Auckland, where he was classmates with Dr Sara Jayne Pietersen.  

During his early years as a paediatric senior house officer, Dr Chong spent a lot of time at Middlemore and Starship Hospitals to complete his Diploma in Paediatrics before becoming a GP. During this time, some Specialists noticed his aptitude for and interest in musculoskeletal presentations and orthopaedics. “Mainly, my interest in being an orthopaedic doctor came from being able to efficiently address people’s pain and suffering. Seeing the evidence of a rapid response to treatment is satisfying for both the patient and myself! It’s those tangible results that keep me motivated. So, Acute Care is the perfect place for me because I can apply a ‘treat, refer, plan’ framework that aims to lessen pain and alleviate anxiety. It really does feel like you’re helping.”

Over the years, he’s helped communities right across East Tamaki, Manurewa and Otara. In addition to being a General Practitioner, Dr Chong realised that Acute and urgent care was an important aspect of his purpose, so he complements his  GP work with work at East Care A&E on Botany Road.

How to see Dr Richard Chong at the Highbrook Acute Clinic (in the same-day service)

This new walk-in initiative is a weekday service set up to support all of our Health Improvement Group enrolled and casual patient community. The clinic is particularly useful for people working in the Highbrook Business Park, who might experience acute illnesses, including:

  • Workplace injuries
  • Coughs and colds
  • Infections
  • Vomiting and diarrhoea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Sports Injuries 

The same-day service means you can pop in and wait in the queue for the next appointment slot.

Alongside Dr Richard Chong, the wonderful Dr Ranen Reddy works in the Acute clinic on Mondays.

Doctor by day, Pokemon Professor by night: commitment to engage, educate and empower.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that Richard is often found in his other role as a Pokemon Professor after work. So, twice a week, he volunteers his time to host Pokemon League nights. It’s an opportunity to connect with players and fans in Auckland who share his passion for the game. As a Pokemon Professor, it’s another time when he can build positive relationships with people of all ages and from all walks of life whilst enjoying his passion for gaming and helping others. Moreover, Pokemon Professor Chong is occasionally invited to volunteer at International level competitive events for the Pokemon Championship Series. At these events, he is able to experience the same community engagement he remembers from his childhood days in Malaysia. And inline with our clinic values, that’s what Richard hopes to foster with our patients and staff at Highbrook Medical.

We know you’ll enjoy getting to know Dr Richard Chong as much as we are. Enrol today.

Dr Richard Chong Acute Clinic Highbrook Medical orthopaedic GP

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