Highbrook Medical provides an affordable doctor service, with health care fees that deliver genuine value. Our low cost medical clinic is handy to the whole Highbrook Business Park. Bringing you reasonable health care fees on your doorstep is our aim.

People with Community Service Cards qualify for additional discounts.

*For acute clinic pricing please 
see here.


for under 14 years


for 14-17 years


18+ years in clinic, over the phone or video

Fees for enrolled patients

Looking for an affordable doctor? Our low cost fees make it easier than ever to take care of yourself.

Each consultation takes 15 minutes and is for one issue only. If you need to discuss more in-depth issues, there is an option to book a 30-minute consultation for a fee of $99.50.

In addition, there may be additional healthcare fees for extra tests, referrals and reports.

All consults must be pre-paid on the day. Following your appointment, any further fees or credits will be organised by our customer service team.

*Please note that there will be a surcharge of $10 for any consults outside of normal working hours. This will apply to any consultations before 8 am from Monday to Friday as well as 8 am-12 pm on Saturdays.

Prescription fees:

  • Prescriptions for under 14
  • Free
  • Prescription for under 14                      outside of a GP Consult
  • $12
  • Prescriptions for 14-17
  • $16
  • Prescriptions for 18+
  • $18.50

These are consultation prices only – there are additional charges for materials, tests and reports.

Casual patient fees

Enrolled patients are partially funded by the Government, which assists us in maintaining affordable healthcare fees. If you’re not enrolled, you can visit us for a consultation, but the fee for casual patients aged 17 years and older is $80. For casual patients under 17 years of age, the consultation fee is $50. To get our affordable doctor fees, please become an enrolled patient.

Non-New Zealand Residents

If you are a non-New Zealand resident, you are not eligible to enrol with us, but we can still see you. You will be charged the following rates: 17 years and older $106. Under 17 years of age $78.

Let us know if you need to change or cancel your appointment

We understand that things can change on the day, but we ask that you call us on (09) 273 4876 to advise that you are not able to make your appointment.

If we do not hear from you minimum of 2 hours prior to your scheduled time or you arrive more than 5 minutes late for your appointment, you will receive an invoice for the fee of the healthcare appointment that was missed.

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How to become an enrolled patient?

Enrol at Highbrook Medical for low cost clinic fees whenever you pop in and visit us. Find out how to enrol with a GP online.