Acute Clinic

  • Have you had an injury, or are you feeling unwell today?
    Our walk-in clinic can help.
  • We have highly skilled Acute and Urgent Care doctors and paramedics ready to support you. 
  • We are open between 8.00am and 4.00pm. After 12pm please call to check waiting times. 
  • No appointment needed!
Katy Morgan Highbrook Clinic Acute

See a clinician with no appointment for acute conditions at our walk-in clinic.

Commonly, illness or injury happens when we least expect it. So, we make it possible to see an Urgent Care doctor, paramedic or Nurse without an appointment. Specifically, we’ve designed our Acute Clinic to support patients who need on-the-day healthcare.

We can treat most acute conditions, illnesses and injuries within our state-of-the-art facilities at Highbrook Medical. The conditions below are examples of what we routinely see;

Furthermore, you’ll be treated by a highly experienced team of Urgent Care doctors, including Dr Richard Chong and Dr Ranen Reddy, our onsite paramedic, Katy Morgan, and our skilled nursing team.

What is the Fee to use the Acute Clinic service?

For this same-day service, if you are an enrolled patient, your visit to the Acute Clinic will cost $50.00.

  • See our Regular Fees page for more information. Remember, children under 14 years are FREE.
  • ACC fees may apply.
  • If you are a casual patient, subsidies don’t apply, so if you’re aged 14 years and older the fee is $96. For casual patients under 14, you will pay $56. For non-NZ residents, the charge will be $146 regardless of age.
  • If you want to enrol on the day, start by filling out our quick Online Enrolment form.
Dr Richard Chong Acute clinic doctor Auckland

To be seen in the Acute Clinic:

  • Please come to the main reception at Highbrook Medical, and our team will add you to the Acute Clinic List.
  • Our team will ask you some questions about your acute condition and will manage you accordingly.
  • Please note that as this is a walk-in clinic, there will be a wait for you to be seen. Our team will do their best to keep you informed. 
  • Remember, to maintain your place in the queue, you must remain in the waiting room unless advised otherwise. 

What do I do after hours for urgent healthcare?

If you need to be seen afterhours,  you can choose to have a virtual consultation with Practice Plus or visit East Care Urgent Care.

Acute Clinic walk-in doctor appointment

Health care professionals who can help you with Acute Conditions

Dr Richard Chong
General Practitioner
Fluent in English and can understand some Mandarin. Dr Richard Chong is a graduate from the University of Auckland. He has completed a postgraduate diploma in Paediatrics and is a fellow of both the Royal New Zealand GP and Urgent Care colleges
Dr Carlos Lam Yang
General Practitioner
Fluent in English, and Cantonese A graduate of the University of Otago, 2008. A dual Fellow of the Royal New Zealand Colleges of General Practice and Urgent Care.
Dr Ranen Reddy
General Practitioner
Fluent in English, French and Tamil. Dr Ranen Reddy has an MBChB (Auckland), RNZCUC.

About Practice Plus

A same-day, after hours service, Practice Plus works in streamline with General Practitioner networks. Thus, they help ensure continuity of care between a patient’s regular doctor, and virtual doctor services.

Therefore, this fantastic online initiative is proudly supported by East Health. Above all, Practice Plus aims to increase your access to primary care options.

Practice Plus FAQs

Practice Plus is there for you when you need to see a doctor after regular business hours. This includes weekday evenings and weekends. Via their online app, you can get help with things like a diagnosis of symptoms of illness or pain and emergency prescriptions. All you need is a smartphone or WIFI device. While you won't see your usual GP, the doctor you speak to online will give the outcome of your consultation to your regular GP via the Patient Portal, MyIndici.

Remember, if you have a serious emergency, call 111 or to see a GP in person, go to East Care Urgent Care or Middlemore Hospital.

Botany Junction is committed to promoting patient safety throughout their entire health journey. This includes looking after your wellbeing when we are not open. We’ve chosen Practice Plus because they work with our GPs to give feedback on your health. This online doctor service aims to maintain a high quality of healthcare for you in partnership with your day-to-day GP.

No, your after-hours virtual Practice Plus GP will share notes with your regular GP via Myindici to ensure you get the best possible healthcare.

Yes, all prescriptions will be securely sent to you via email and your selected pharmacy electronically through the NZ ePrescription Service by your Practice Plus GP.

If you don’t want your notes to be shared with your regular GP, then please ask the Practice Plus GP, and they will not pass on your notes. Unless requested to do otherwise, the Practice Plus GP will share your notes with your regular GP, via Myindici to ensure that continuity of care is maintained.

Getting started with Practice Plus is as simple as 4 easy steps;

  1. Go to the Practice Plus website and register with your details.
  2. Choose whether to wait in the queue or book an appointment between 5-10 pm on weekdays, and 8 am-8 pm on weekends.
  3. Pre-pay for your appointment; you’ll only be charged after the session.
  4. Check your email for a link to the consultation 15 mins before your meeting time. Tap the link on a device of your choice and begin your consultation!

Proudly supported by East Health Trust PHO, Practice Plus prides itself on improving your access to primary care options.